A drink worth two

“Is this seat taken? “

“Not yet but that could change“

“Do you come here often?”

“No but that could be changed as well”

“Are you mostly out alone?”

“Won’t be any more if you give me company”

“You don’t even know me”

“True, but that could be changed”

“What makes you think I’d want that?”

“We are both still here having this conversation right?”

“How do you know I’m even interested?”

“Your eyes and your smile are saying a lot that you aren’t”

“Is this your usual game?”

“Can’t say I’m not a player”

“Are you up for a match then?”

“With you? For a lifetime!”

“I think I need another drink”

“You hardly touched your first one”

“Oh! So this is all you making me feel this way?”

“So I guess you owe them more money”


“The bar”

“Why now?”

“To thank them for me”



Faking it

A smile on the face day in day out.

A storm in the heart for every mile.

A trip down ruins, alone and far.

A skip in each step.

A place to forget tears, the bar.

A call out to company.

A fake wave good bye.

A wall of security.

A life of solitude.

A lie.

A real heartbreak?

A walk to remember, a night to forget?

The look, a feel, and wanting the forbidden.

Smile at me, just that little while longer.

This weak heart of mine is only living on heartbreaks.

Simple tales of lonely nights make this one seem a tad bit better.

I ask of you to spare me a thought, a moment, a fleeting glance.

It’s not love that I miss, maybe it’s that energy.

I clamber up some dreamed up mountains.

There you are far away.

Let’s at least say a proper good bye,

So the next hello will follow easy.

Where were we then? Oh yes!





I’m sharing with you all my famous one cup eggless brownies recipe.
super easy and very yum.

All you need is a measure, a cup a bowl etc what ever suits you.
cocoa powder or cooking chocolate
water/ milk (this makes it richer)
a tiny bit of salt
walnuts/ other nuts / chocolate chunks etc (optional)

All you need to do is mix equal quantities( whatever measure you have chosen) of the flour, sugar, cocoa powder, oil, milk/ water, a tiny bit of salt together till you get a smooth shiny mixture. Work in some air. Mix in the nuts.

(If you are using cooking chocolate melt the desired quantity in cream, cut the oil quantity and sugar as per taste)

grease a flat tray or pan or dish that is microwave proof. Pour in the mixture. cook in the microwave on high for 3 minutes rest half a minute and another 3 minutes. should be done. If not run for another 2. And voila!! done!!
Cut and serve as desired with ice cream or fudge.
enjoy!!000 00

Oatmeal happiness

I love cookies any time of the year but winters excite me a little more in this department. Here is an easy recipe of crunchy oatmeal cookies. Enjoy!


1. Instant oats 1 cup

2. Flour 1 cup

3. Butter or ghee 1/2 cup

4. sugar white/ brown (as per choice) 3/4 cup

5. chopped nuts (optional)

6. raisins (optional)

7. Chocolate chips (optional)

8. mixed spice powder ( a pinch each of cinnamon, ginger, pepper, nutmeg powder)

9. zest of  lime and orange (about a spoon full or so in all)

10. a pinch or two of salt (if using salted butter, no need for this)

11. water as per need.

12. LOVE!!!

Preheat the oven to 180°C and grease and line two cookie trays.


1. In a pan dry roast the instant oats till the smell all toasty. ( you can use a spoon of oil or butter for this)

2. In a big mixing bowl, rub the ghee/ butter into the flour till it looks like bread crumbs.

3. Add the oats and other dry ingredients to the bowl and mix together well with LOVE!

4.The mixture should be able to hold together on its own when pressed together.

5. Now add water little by little enough to just hold the dough together. if you break away a bit it should break easily.

6. What ever you do don’t knead the dough. we need the cookies to turn out crunchy so we mustn’t release the gluten.

7. roll the dough into a long cylinder about 7 cms in diameter and cut into equal discs about a centimeter thick. shape into cookies by flattening between the palms and set on the tray distributing equally. the cookies shouldn’t be too thin as they will not be very crunchy. its okay if they are uneven that adds to the look.

8. Bake for about 18- 20 mins but do keep checking then as ovens vary. you should have an even colour and don’t brown them too much the nuts/ raisins/ chocolate chips will burn.

9. Remove from the oven and cool on a grill.

10. Enjoy the happiness


The basic recipe allows to add and experiment as you please. I’ve shared with you a wintery spicy mix of things. You can change it as it suits you.

Have fun baking and do share the pictures! cookie


Main jo hoon hoon, main yahin hoon.

Main jaisi bhi hoon, abhi hoon.

Khwaishey meri hain, manziley mushkil.

Fitraton ke rehte kabhi mehfile khaali na hogi.

Meri dil ki adaaye par bhaari na hongi.

Araam ki chamki kismat ka dhokha.

Sawaalo ki duniya ko karke andekha.

Read a little more.

Page by page I am getting lost deeper in this labyrinth. Words surround me and demand more than a mere reaction from me. I read what I had read and still it’s not enough. Imagination left my side for a while returning with a blast of the past that lit up the skies so bright that my future is a little bedazzled by it. Yes I read, for pleasure and for work. I’m glad there is one habit I picked up early in life was to read. Gladder yet that it’s not just a habit it’s like an insatiable hunger. Strangely though I’ve never felt the need to announce to the world that I’ve always been an avid reader and part of me still doesn’t feel so.

The latest craze going around nowadays is to share your top 10 books of all time. Firstly I think if you have really read enough to be able to come up with a list like that you have perhaps not done justice to those books in the first place. I look at it as like a mother can never choose favourites within her children one can’t really ever choose a favourite book. No?

Anyway never been one to judge so I am not even going there. I am writing this to say one thing, read. And then read a little more. Trust me no bad ever came from reading something. Well mostly. Unless you read something that you were not supposed to read, then you just did that to yourself.

I meet people all the time who just don’t read. They have never read anything that wasn’t part of curriculum or the job. My dear friends I wish I could make you understand how much you are missing in life. Set your mind free. Travel where you cannot physically reach. Be in situations you are too afraid to experience for yourself in real life. Yes, I do realise writing a piece about reading for a bunch of people who don’t read is futile but one can always try. Help me a little my dear fellow readers? Lets us all encourage people around us to read a little? A tiny passage at a time?

I have now successfully turned quite a few of my friends into readers. It did take me some time and effort, but it paid off. More for them than it did for me. The joy of sharing this love is just as beautiful as anything can be. So please read and then make someone else read a little more.

Life 101

The perfect moment never really exists.

My thoughts look for it, but fail miserably.

That correct action is a dreamland story.

My reality questions it daily.

Approval is for the faint hearted, the wild are never tamed.

Simple is the easy escape.

Try the complicated, it’s always worth it.

I write a ballad at times, but music fails me over and over again.

Calmly I strike out my goals,

But somehow this list never ends.


A puddle so deep it swallowed me whole,

A muddy stare that said more than I could absorb.

A question I answered without being asked,

A story I shared without saying a word.

A simple glance that lasted forever,

A battle I lost to myself.

A breath that never ended,

A lifetime that we lived in a moment.

Just that one……….