Don`t talk to me about goodbyes,

I`ve seen much more than my share.

Don`t throw at me your pretty lies,

I can`t do this anymore.

Don`t cry for me your stories,

Sleep will win over now.

Don`t call out my follies,

Who knows how long I`d last this time.

Don`t carry for me my burdens,

Let`s not weigh you down so.

Don`t lead me into a corner,

I`ve walked these roads before.

Don`t watch me as I walk away,

There is no turning back now.

Don`t hate me for my choices,

I knew no better then.

Don`t follow it all so blindly,

There`s always another way there.

Don`t just don`t anymore,

Trust me, we`ll figure this one out.


Let’s play a game you and I,

Hide and seek or maybe more.

Let’s hide behind our worlds of lies,

Some yours some mine and floating scores.

Let’s tie some strings of fragile lives,

These days that call our names.

Let’s fight through the bloody nights,

You I and the story untold?


At times we are just sleepless. Rested but sleepless.

Not awake no more but sleepless.

At times its being awake all the time.

I want to sleep, and know it was worth it.

Feel that the sleeping was done in time.

At times I want to let go of this fatigue, but my mind keeps tiring itself out.

At times it feels like all the time.



Little spurts of chilling winds,
Simple sparkly pools of water.
The world questioning your every move,
Let’s try to be a good friend, wife or daughter.
Laughing hard at not laughing at all,
Finding traces of newness alas.
Claiming rightfully what is deserving.
Hide your next move, the evil world is observing.IMG_20151024_145436

A drink worth two

“Is this seat taken? “

“Not yet but that could change“

“Do you come here often?”

“No but that could be changed as well”

“Are you mostly out alone?”

“Won’t be any more if you give me company”

“You don’t even know me”

“True, but that could be changed”

“What makes you think I’d want that?”

“We are both still here having this conversation right?”

“How do you know I’m even interested?”

“Your eyes and your smile are saying a lot that you aren’t”

“Is this your usual game?”

“Can’t say I’m not a player”

“Are you up for a match then?”

“With you? For a lifetime!”

“I think I need another drink”

“You hardly touched your first one”

“Oh! So this is all you making me feel this way?”

“So I guess you owe them more money”


“The bar”

“Why now?”

“To thank them for me”



Faking it

A smile on the face day in day out.

A storm in the heart for every mile.

A trip down ruins, alone and far.

A skip in each step.

A place to forget tears, the bar.

A call out to company.

A fake wave good bye.

A wall of security.

A life of solitude.

A lie.

A real heartbreak?

A walk to remember, a night to forget?

The look, a feel, and wanting the forbidden.

Smile at me, just that little while longer.

This weak heart of mine is only living on heartbreaks.

Simple tales of lonely nights make this one seem a tad bit better.

I ask of you to spare me a thought, a moment, a fleeting glance.

It’s not love that I miss, maybe it’s that energy.

I clamber up some dreamed up mountains.

There you are far away.

Let’s at least say a proper good bye,

So the next hello will follow easy.

Where were we then? Oh yes!





Main jo hoon hoon, main yahin hoon.

Main jaisi bhi hoon, abhi hoon.

Khwaishey meri hain, manziley mushkil.

Fitraton ke rehte kabhi mehfile khaali na hogi.

Meri dil ki adaaye par bhaari na hongi.

Araam ki chamki kismat ka dhokha.

Sawaalo ki duniya ko karke andekha.