pop over to these guys Don`t talk to me about goodbyes, I`ve seen much more than my share.

Don`t throw at me your pretty lies,

I can`t do this anymore.

Don`t cry for me your stories,

Sleep will win over now.

Don`t call out my follies,

Who knows how long I`d last this time.

Don`t carry for me my burdens,

Let`s not weigh you down so.

Don`t lead me into a corner,

I`ve walked these roads before.

Don`t watch me as I walk away,

There is no turning back now.

Don`t hate me for my choices,

I knew no better then.

Don`t follow it all so blindly,

There`s always another way there.

Don`t just don`t anymore,

Trust me, we`ll figure this one out.

One thought on “Don`t

  1. Don’t pray for me
    save it for someone who believes
    Don’t stay for me
    I’ll blow away like the leaves

    Don’t see for me
    I will see past the words and the lies

    Don’t hear for me
    I have my ears
    Don’t fear for me
    I’ve my own fears

    Don’t taste for me
    I will taste it on my own

    Don’t feel for me
    save it for lack of senses

    Don’t Heal me
    I’ll heal for me
    and I shall pay all the expenses


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