If only the world was mine,

But be not the one to grab it all.

The roads seas were mine to own,

And feel always forever at home.

This need to see, the call of the land,

The roar of the winds running wild.

Forever craving, these hungry feet,

Never does the ground get familiar.

Simple want of a ocher mind,

This wanderlust is my life.

One thought on “Wanderlust…..

  1. Wanderlust

    In those harrowing moments
    between tweets you send from berne; that rooftop
    in swiss alps; you drinking Absinthe
    my desk in the bedroom
    land, how I think of u –

    a note, somewhere lower
    than my beating heart, your rhythm
    echoing lonely into my diaphragm.
    A cadence in your voice zips between
    my pulse, cackling
    that I have


    Dust such as we should never.

    Your eyes look into the world
    I try to write in darkness.
    You are the photograph
    I have never taken.
    You are
    the part of me
    which terror
    does not allow.

    You’re the Wanderlust’s Dream , A dream weaved in clouds.

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