A drink worth two

“Is this seat taken? “

“Not yet but that could change“

“Do you come here often?”

“No but that could be changed as well”

“Are you mostly out alone?”

“Won’t be any more if you give me company”

“You don’t even know me”

“True, but that could be changed”

“What makes you think I’d want that?”

“We are both still here having this conversation right?”

“How do you know I’m even interested?”

“Your eyes and your smile are saying a lot that you aren’t”

“Is this your usual game?”

“Can’t say I’m not a player”

“Are you up for a match then?”

“With you? For a lifetime!”

“I think I need another drink”

“You hardly touched your first one”

“Oh! So this is all you making me feel this way?”

“So I guess you owe them more money”


“The bar”

“Why now?”

“To thank them for me”



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