That Kind Of Girl

It’s so very easy to tag people. Call them names have something to say about someone. Authenticity of the information or stories never matters, because the real aim is not to be correct. In the mad rush to have the first opinion or rather ‘an’ opinion most people don’t even think before they talk about someone.

To be honest, we’ve all done it at some point or the other in our lives. The difference being of course, in the level of talking or rather gossiping we have done. It’s easy to say someone isn’t perfect, or doesn’t get the set of morals or rules that you live your life by. But to really get personal and insult someone or gossip about them to a malicious level? well that needs real talent.

I know when we put out lives out here on public forums we are infact directly asking for it. It’s obvious when you put a bunch of total strangers together they will talk to and about each other, and will form opinions. Sure, go right on ahead. But no one or rather nothing in the world gives anyone the right to comment on anyone’s private life or choices.

I keep saying this time and again that lets not get personal, and lets not let people affect our personal lives. Not random people we meet out here atleast. But that again is easier said than done. I too have often fallen pray to this vicious cycle of ‘do-> face -> justify -> defend -> regret’ but I guess one never learns.

Sad as it may be it’s not a particular kind of behavior that tags you. You are nice, you are tagged as a pushover. Be polite and kind, must be stupid. Open, frank and in your face, an easy lay, a slut. Careful or introverted, one to maintain a distance, arrogant egoistic. I can now confidently say that I probably have been tagged as all of the above at some time or ther other. And that too for no real fault of my own. A few people that do know me, might, yes I would stress on the ‘might’ be able to tell you how I really am. But then again does it really matter what they think. Isn’t it just my own opinion that should count?

I have pondered over this for endless nights and I guess I have maybe finally figured it out. I am that kind of girl. A girl you can never understand. In all honestly, I don’t think I want most people to try either. It’s taken me 30 off years of my life to finally know myself so I don’t expect much from the world around me when it comes to getting me. Not so easily atleast. All in all, yes it would be worth the effort. But then again may be you are not my kind of person anyway.

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