Each morning brings with it a plethora of emotions. We are always happy yet sad, satisfied yet always wanting more; in love though we hold grudges against people who might have harmed us. We miss our families and loved ones and are simultaneously glad we won’t be meeting so many people ever again. As a supposedly normal person (hopefully) I have no idea how many things go buzzing through this brain of mine.

I wish I was a little simpler. Or rather life on the whole would be easier to deal with. We all have stress, and I obviously have my share of it. But how do we deal with it? Music? Movies? Writing? Reading? What? We all want to be saved. All want nirvana, but we rarely realize the only saving we ever really need is from our selves. It’s good to judge, but let us judge only ourselves. But then again, lets again only judge ourselves to completion. Not ever bring ourselves down. All I want is to deal with life and I keep telling people around me that it’s easy just believe in yourself and tell yourself no matter how much bad you see things around you, remember it can always get worse and you can always make it better. Keeping ones spirits and energies up is the only way to be. We need to live for ourselves. Yes we all have responsibilities that we should never ever ignore, but then again the first and foremost of those responsibilities is to our own selves.

I seem to have it figured out, or so that’s what people say. But still I do doubt I know how to use these mantras on myself. No I’m not cribbing not crying either. I’m only putting it out there. Why do we feel the need that something or someone is what we need to be truly happy. I look at my life so far and I realize, maybe me is all I ever need. If I’m happy with myself on all levels I will sure my multi facetted life makes sense too. No?

I guess it’s worked so far. Smile and think well, of your own life and doings and also for others. Seek your happiness, but never to a limit that it brings you down. Seek competition,, but never in a negative sense. Let yourself help you!


Life and other mysteries,

Evoking our energies in us.


Call out to that tomorrow that yesterday wanted.

Let go of that fear that is ruining today,

Make your me your only story.


Be a fool for little glories.

Smile, and cry some too.


Carry that load that is yours,

Lend a hand to the world if you can.


Happy happy joy joy,

Two words manifold.


I am me, you are you.

In the end it was worth it if we survived.

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